The Life of a Truck Driver

a truck driver's lifeProfessional truck drivers live a unique type of life that is not quite like the life of any other working professional. The trucking industry attracts a wide variety of people, some good and some bad, but the one thing they all have in common is how tough they are. Truck driving is not for the weak of heart. There are dangerous driving situations, rugged landscape and many hours of solitude that one must confront in order to be a successful truck driver. People often know fairly quickly if trucking works for them or if it does not.

The lifestyle of a trucker is one of the primary reasons the job calls for a unique individual. The position is almost entirely spent traveling in solitude. Constantly being on the road means a great deal of time is spent separated from the home and support system. This can become very mentally taxing on some people and it is one of the main reasons people move on from trucking jobs. One must be all right with pulling up their roots in order to be a successful truck driver. A person should also be naturally tough and brave to face the challenges of trucking.

The work conditions a person encounters as a truck driver require a strong, sturdy personality. On a good day, the worker will be confined to the cab of a truck alone for many hours at a time, sometimes as many as fourteen hours, and will bare the burden of operating a very large vehicle across the state or country. On a bad day, there could be inclement, winding roads, mechanical failures or traffic accidents that one has to take in stride on top of the daily challenges that exist for professional truckers.

Truck driving calls for workers of the highest standards, with a good work ethic, strong safety values, a mind for mechanics, an able body and strong mental health and stability. A number of people attempt a career in trucking and realize they are not cut out for it, so those who are a good match for it are very valuable to the industry.