Treatment for Addiction in the Trucking Industry

trucking industry addiction treatmentProfessional truck driving in Canada is a noble profession, but it comes with a number of hardships that frequently push truck drivers into addiction or substance abuse. Whether it is a drug addiction in Winnipeg or an alcohol addiction Manitoba, truck driving and addiction do not mix. For example, due to long hours and days on the road, a truck driver can be separated from their homes and support systems for a long duration of time, which takes a toll on mental health and wellness. Or, frequently a truck driver will begin to feel stir crazy or anxious sitting in the cab of their truck for many hours on end. Either of these scenarios may push a truck driver to experiment with substances or behaviors that become addictive.

Truck drivers struggling with addiction can be dangerous to themselves and to other people while they are on the road. This is why it is imperative that addicted truck drivers seek treatment from a professional rehabilitation center without delay. There are a number of addiction treatment centers that are created specifically for Canadians working trade jobs such as trucking which demonstrate a high success rate.

A professional truck driver receiving addiction treatment can expect to encounter the best in professional rehabilitation services from a rehab that is tailored to their needs. They will receive a full detoxification if it is a substance they have become addicted to, complete with around-the-clock medical surveillance that will ensure their safety and comfort through withdrawals. Then, they will undergo intensive therapy, counseling and personal exercises that will help them understand the psychological source of their addiction so they can overcome it. Healthy meals will be prepared for them, exercise routines will be regular and recreational activities will be available to ensure the best in mental and physical health for recovering truck drivers. When treatment is complete, there will even be continuing treatment options, such as sober living arrangements, continuing counseling and access to support groups and sponsors.

Addiction is heavily challenging to break away from, but for professional truck drivers who are ready to take control of their lives and ensure their professional safety, hope is on the horizon. information